Team NitroRigs

We are a hardware and software development company with experience in the crypto world. We have been working on different crypto-related projects since 2015. We also have some mining equipment of our own and were looking for solutions for remote management and improving the performance of our hardware. But the available options on the market were just not sufficient for our needs. We have used single-board computers to control the power buttons of the motherboards, we have used smart energy meters, we have used complex solutions that plug in the USB and have some software to report if the machine is alive and so on. None of those were good enough for us.

So we decided to produce a device that is easy to set up and manage, focused on the task and reliable. Something to give us the functionality that we needed in its simplest form. After over two years of development and testing we ended up with the NitroRigs Resetter. It is not only a bare-bone resetter but also has the much-needed features that make it the most useful and usable device in this area on the market today.

We haven't just developed the resetter. We are also its main users. Since 2017 we have several hundred units working in our mining-rig collocations. That is how we know it works flawlessly before it arrives in your hands. Feedback from customers and involved third parties have proven the product is ready for the mass market.

We are currently in pre-production for the first batch of retail units. So if you want to join the group of happy NitroRigs users, you can sign up for our beta testing program and become one of the first people to experience a worry-free mining once and for all.