As sturdy, durable and reliable the NitroRigs resetter is you may still experience issues. This guide will help you to resolve them hassle-free.

Before any work on the device make sure it is unplugged from the power supply!

Power Up and Cloud Connection

I have plugged in the power cord and I am sure there is power to it, but nothing lights up on the front panel.

In that case most likely the device is damaged. Check if there is power going trough it to your rig. Even a failed resetter should keep its load working. If it doesn't check for physical damage and melted plastic on the input power socket.

The power indicator lights up but nothing else. No lights are blinking, network doesn't come up.

In that case most likely the device is damaged. Not much you can do about it - send us an email to investigate further.

The device powers up, starts blinking but it does not connect to the cloud. Yellow indicator is off and I have waited for at least 5 minutes.

First - check the LEDs on the RJ socket on the device. When the network cable is plugged in at least the yellow one should light up. If it doesn't - make sure the other end is plugged into working router/switch and that the cable is not damaged. Try changing the cable and the port on the other end to make sure.

If the indicators on the RJ socket light up - check if your DHCP is working and leasing IP addresses. This usually means to go into your router's settings with a browser. We cannot help you with that - consult with your router's user manual.

If you have confirmed the resetter has an IP address try to ping it from a computer on the network. You should have a response. If you don't - there is some issue in your local network setup.

If the resetter has an IP and the network is working check if your DHCP is properly distributing DNS/Gateway settings. The resetter will use those to connect to the cloud. You can do that by connecting other computer equipment to the network and setting it up to use DHCP. Try opening the NitroRigs website and see if it loads. If it doesn't either the DNS/Gateway settings distributed by your DHCP are incorrect or you have some firewall rules blocking the connection.

If all networking stuff seems in order - check on our website for notification if we have some technical problems with the cloud and connection is unavailable.

Still not working? Drop us an email and we will investigate.

The resetter connects to the cloud but I don't see it on my dashboard.

Make sure it is paired to your account. Follow the steps in your user manual for the procedure.

The resetter connects to the cloud but my dashboard shows it is offline.

Try reloading the dashboard (F5) and wait a couple of minutes.


The resetter is already paired to some else's account.

Contact the previous owner to unpair it. We can unpair it for you, but will need some form of proof of ownership or confirmation from the previous owner.

I have lost the pairing code.

Send us some form of proof of ownership (purchase papers would be OK) and we will send you the code. Keep it safe the next time

Measurement & metering

The resetter reads incorrect power consumption.

Make sure all power wires are properly connected and only the rig power supplies take power from the resetter. Check if some of them don't bypass it.

Please note that all power measurement devices have some tolerance on readings. So if you compare the resetter to some other multimeter/smart meter/etc take that into account. We have tested a lot of cheap energy meters and they can be as high as 5% off, compared to high-end laboratory-grade equipment.

In my log one day there is very low consumption, but the next has double.

This can occur if the resetter was not online when the servers were logging the meters. Try to keep the resetter connected to the internet for best experience.

I have paired a new resetter to my account but the meter is not at zero.

That is normal - the metered energy will only increase once the device is manufactured. During final QA testing they are powered with load for a period of time and that is reflected by the meter value.

Automatic Restarts

When restarting the load I hear a loud click from the device.

That's normal - the relay inside is heavy-duty and audible.

When restarting the load I hear the relay clicking but the rig stays on.

Make sure you are actually powering the rig via the resetter and that you are restarting the correct device (if you have multiple). If that is the case - it is possible the internal relay has gotten stuck. In that case few quick restarts may fix it but you should drop us an email.

I click restart on the dashboard but I don't hear the relay click, the load stays on.

Make sure the resetter is connected to the cloud and give it up to a minute. Make sure you are restarting the correct resetter (if you have multiple) - verify with the serial numbers. These commands are usually executed in 1-2 seconds but on rare occasions there may be delays.

I clicked restart and the resetter went offline. My rig is also down and nothing comes back up.

If you have low current fast-acting circuit breakers they may go down when large capacitive loads are powered on (such as power supplies). For example 10-GPU machine with 3 low-end power supplies easily trips 6A breaker when starting, although during normal operation you are below its rating. That results in both the resetter and the rig to loose power. If that is the case we recommend installing larger circuit breaker. Consult with certified electrician.

I have setup restart rules but after few automatic reboots the rig is still not fully-operational and the device stopped restarting it.

That will happen if the resetter reaches its configurable maximum restarts. If that is the case you will see "Gave up restarting" message in the events list. See your resetter settings and check your user manual for information.

None of the above matches your problem?

Contact us and we will be happy to help you!