Frequently Answered Questions

  • Does it work on 110V/120V? 60Hz?

    Yes, the resetter has universal power supply.

  • What is the maximum load I can connect? Are there any restrictions?

    The resetter is built to handle up to 15A 250V resistive loads (power factor 1) or 3000W. However in some countries the C13/C14 power connectors are not certified for more than 10A (2500VA). These ratings are for resistive loads - you should take into account the power factor if you plan on using it with electrical motors for example. Most modern power supplies have some form of Power Factor Correction and are compatible.

    Some computer power supplies have very high inrush currents. Connecting several of them may result in hundreds of amperes load for a split second when they connect. That will damage the relay inside the resetter - you will hear it click on restarts but the rig will not turn off. To avoid that use modern power supplies from reputable vendors - most of them incorporate inrush current limiting and are safe to use. Do not connect too many power supplies to one resetter.

    The device incorporates a 15A "software fuse". It will reset the load if it measures current above the maximum for a short time. This is only a software-based protection and does not replace safety fuses.

  • How much power does it consume?

    Less than 10W, about 4W during normal operation.

  • My device came without input power cord! Why?

    The power cord is sold as a separate accessory. Choose the one that matches your country's outlets or get one from your local store. Make sure it is rated above your expected load - a lot of standard PC power supply cables are very thin (0.75mm2) and cannot handle more than 6-7 amps without getting dangerously hot.

  • Can I connect any load, not just mining rig?

    Yes, as long as you make sure you have appropriate wiring and the load is electrically compatible (not above the maximum ratings, preferably resistive).

  • How precise is the measurement/metering?

    We keep improving the product and our manufacturing processes in an ongoing effort to provide best possible accuracy. At the moment the units have <2% precision on both measurement and metering. However this is not a certified billing energy meter so all reported data should be used for informational purpose only.

  • Is the device CE/FCC certified?

    Certification is ongoing. Should be ready before initial sales.

  • Can I setup network manually?

    No. The resetter is designed to operate with DHCP lease only.

  • I bought a resetter second hand but the previous owner hasn't removed it from their account. What can I do?

    Contact the previous owner to remove the device from their account. If that fails contact us to help you out.

  • My resetter appears to be malfunctioning! Can you help me out?

    Sure! First check our troubleshooting guide - it covers most of the problems you could experience. If you don't find a solution, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Will there be a WiFi version?

    We believe reliability is a must for this product. Wireless networks have their quirks and setting up many access point clients may require expensive hardware. While on the other hand wired networks have proven over time as dependable and easy to setup. And besides - you probably already have network cables running near your mining rig so an extra one for the resetter shouldn't be much of a hassle. Unless you run your rig on WiFi, which is not recommended.

  • How many resetters can I connect to my account?


  • Do you offer bulk pricing?

    How many devices do you need? Contact us and we will discuss it.

  • Can I resale your devices on my online store? Can I become your distributor/dealer in my country?

    You can do whatever you like with your devices. For the time being we do not plan on signing contracts with distributors or dealers or to provide exclusive rights to anyone.

  • Can I integrate the data from my own or my customers' devices in my website/app/product?

    We offer APIs for 3rd party software integrations. If you need some features that you can't find in them feel free to contact us and we might be able to help you.

  • What happens if my balance reaches zero?

    We will allow your balance to drop even further. But eventually we will disable access to your resetters and revoke access to our services until the outstanding bill is covered. We may also disable automatic restarts for your resetters.

  • Does the device require Internet connection to work?

    To be able to pair it to your account, adjust settings or view real-time data - certainly.

    The device will execute automatic restarts based on the last loaded settings even if it is offline. Once it comes back online it will report its latest log entries and meter readings. However it is recommended for best experience to make sure it is constantly online.