The Magic of NitroRigs Resetter

Are you into the cryptocurrency world? Do you have any sort of mining equipment? Are you wondering how to gain control over it? Do you need to have it working 24/7?

If your answer to those questions is Yes then our NitroRigs Resetter will quickly become your best buddy. It will help you optimize you rigs uptime and power usage. With its advanced automation features it will keep a watchful eye on your miners so you can go and live your life, instead of monitoring and restarting.

In its core our product is basically a smart energy meter with cloud-access relay. There are a lot of those on the market - you have seen them. But NitroRigs Resetter comes with few special tricks up its sleeve that make it the first of its kind. It is uniquely tailored for use with mining rigs and ASICs.

NitroRigs Resetter is the only mining rig resetter that connects directly to the power supplies. It doesn't press the power/reset button on the mother board. Instead it cuts off and restores the power input to the rig on demand. This is the most efficient and reliable way of rebooting a mining rig or ASIC when needed. The resetter does not need any other connection (USB, motherboard or otherwise) besides the power supply. This makes it very easy and straight-forward to use by anyone. You just need to provide Ethernet (LAN) connection, plug it to your rig/ASIC power supplies and you are good to go.

Since all power supplied to the rig goes trough the NitroRigs resetter it also measures in real time the wattage, voltage, amperage and meters the daily/monthly consumption. This is far more precise than monitoring GPUs with software because the resetter reads what you actually use "at the wall".

Now you don't need to worry if you mining hardware is up and running anymore. There's someone to take care of that for you.

Automatic restarts - let the device work for you

We were fed up with constantly monitoring rigs. We were tired of having to go and reset them when something happens. That's why we implemented some "special features" so we don't have to constantly keep an eye on miners.

NitroRigs Resetter offers a real-time power measurement and metering for the electrical consumption of the mining rig it's attached to. That opens up a lot of different possibilities for setting up predefined rules for automated restarts based on the real-time consumption. For example: you rig normally consumes 1250W. Then you can set the resetter to restart it if consumption is below 1150W for a minute. This way even if only one is not working it will get a reboot.

Reduce your electricity bill. Increase your hashrate

You can monitor the real-time consumption from the resetter from the cloud. Combined with hash rates from the pool you can estimate your actual profits far more accurately than before. This way you can experiment with BIOS mods, clock settings, undervolting and mining softwares and have tangible data how various changes affect your income, instead of having to rely on forums and guesswork.

On top of that the cloud calculates the daily/monthly power consumption for each device individually. This is very important if you share electricity bill with friends and want to figure out how to split it. Or if, like us, you run collocations with hundreds of mining rigs.

Start in few easy steps

Once you connect it to the rig the magic starts to happen. Just a few setup clicks from your side is all that's needed.

The resetter uses Ethernet (LAN) so it can have reliable and uninterrupted internet connection. Once tethered you don't need physical access to the device to configure it and manage your setting. That can be done via our cloud based service - you just need a web browser. You have constant access to real-time information about your mining rigs from everywhere and you can adjust the automated restarts rules on the go.

Once you have an account registered through our web site, you will have access to all the features. You just need to complete the pairing of the device to your account. You can find more on that in the user manual. Once ready you can setup different rules for automated resets, get notifications and many more.