Automated Mining Rig Resetter & Energy Meter

NitroRigs Resetter

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Automated Mining Rig Resetter and Energy Meter - All in One

  • Measuring

    Real-time power consumption monitoring
  • Metering

    Daily power usage log
  • Automated

    Automatically reset the load based on predefined rules
  • High-Current

    Supports 10A/15A Loads up to 250V
  • LAN-based

    Built with reliability and simplicity in mind
  • Alert

    Get an email if a problem is detected

Purpose-Built Hardware For Mining Rigs & ASICs

  • Real-time power usage at the wall
  • Rated 10A (15A UL & CSA)
  • Universal power supply: 85V-250V 50/60Hz
  • Standard inlet / outlet compatible with PC PSUs
  • < 5% energy metering precision
  • 10/100 Ethernet with DHCP support

Cloud Access

  • Access real-time information from everywhere
  • Comprehensive settings for automation of restarts based on power consumption
  • Email & browser push alerts keep you up to date with events on your rigs
  • Logs of the daily power used
  • APIs for third party integrations

Our Most Common Questions

  • Does it work on 110V/120V? 60Hz?

    Yes, the resetter has universal power supply.

  • What is the maximum load I can connect? Are there any restrictions?

    The resetter is built to handle up to 15A 250V resistive loads (power factor 1) or 3000W. However in some countries the C13/C14 power connectors are not certified for more than 10A (2500VA). These ratings are for resistive loads - you should take into account the power factor if you plan on using it with electrical motors for example. Most modern power supplies have some form of Power Factor Correction and are compatible.

    Some computer power supplies have very high inrush currents. Connecting several of them may result in hundreds of amperes load for a split second when they connect. That will damage the relay inside the resetter - you will hear it click on restarts but the rig will not turn off. To avoid that use modern power supplies from reputable vendors - most of them incorporate inrush current limiting and are safe to use. Do not connect too many power supplies to one resetter.

    The device incorporates a 15A "software fuse". It will reset the load if it measures current above the maximum for a short time. This is only a software-based protection and does not replace safety fuses.

  • How much power does it consume?

    Less than 10W, about 4W during normal operation.

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